Final Thoughts: Month of Yoga

My home yoga setup!

My home yoga setup!

It’s Sunday morning, I’m sipping on coffee and I’m in yoga pants cranking this post out before I run off to my last yoga class this month. I would say that this experiment was less of an experiment and more a month of building up and solidifying healthy habits. I chose yoga because I needed a break from diving into something new. I already go to yoga once or twice a week and I try to keep up a meditation practice anyway. My month of business and cleaning was very time consuming and sometimes mentally taxing. I wanted a break and that’s what I got! So I’d say this was a success.

Here’s what I learned:

The Good:

My healthy ass breakfast!

My healthy ass breakfast!

  • I’ve always been really bad at a home yoga practice. I’m not the most disciplined person when no one is watching me (hi blogging to the internet to get shit done!). I usually watch a video for 15 minutes and get bored but the experiment encouraged me to try and have a more consistent home practice. I discovered Yoga Glo and I love it. I still prefer physical classes but this is great for when I don’t want to leave the house.

  • I started meditating more! Sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes only 10 but I’m getting into the routine of a daily practice and that sparks joy!

  • I started walking my dog Kevin more. Maybe the act of moving my body made me want to move my body more? Or maybe it’s just the nicer weather but I’ve been more physically active in general this month.

  • I’m eating a little better. I actually have gone out drinking more than usual this month. Let’s blame that on SXSW and spring weather, but in general when I’m at home I’m cooking super healthy meals and getting my fruits and veggies in. Consciousness around my body is bleeding into all corners of my world. I’m bloody healthy yo!

  • This one is both good and bad. I now have class pass, a subscription program where you can sign up for workout classes all over the world. At my old yoga studio, I would decided 10 minutes before class if I was going or not. In the new class pass world, I have to commit in advance if I’m going to a class. If you cancel, they charge you $20. It sucks. I think it’s good because in the past I used to cancel last minute all the time but now I’m forced to go to class. My brain always wants to drop out of everything at the last minute so this kind of commitment is probably really good for me!

The Bad:

  • I think in an ideal world I would have put more thought into this experiment. I’m now starting to realize in my second go round of these experiments that it’s hard to do 12 different life experiments back to back to back! Once you get your bearings, it’s almost over. I planned to read yoga books and attend some workshops etc, but life got in the way. I think that’s fine. Some experiments will be more robust than others.

  • My favorite yoga studio in the whole wide world was called Eastside Yoga. It was a three minute drive from my house and I consistently went at least two times a week for several years. Last year, the owners sold the studio and ever since then I’ve been a yoga orphan. I’ve been looking for a studio to fall in love with and bouncing around from spot to spot and still haven’t found my home. The good news is there are so many awesome yoga studios in Austin, but I just haven’t found one that’s as convenient and relaxing as my old studio. It makes me less inclined to go to yoga thinking about having to sit in traffic to get to a 6 o’clock class.

  • I had a week where I felt like I was spinning plates and juggling all my experiments into one. I love all the lessons I learned from business and cleaning and I really want to keep them going. I’ve come to realize that keeping a clean home is just something I want in my everyday life and working on my business is not an experiment, it’s my career! So in a honest attempt to keep up with everything, I started to feel super overwhelmed. I think I turned a corner on and am feeling good about maintaining these habits. I do sense a bit more urgency in my day though and maybe that’s ok.

So that’s it! I wouldn’t say this experiment was as awakening as my month of business but I’m glad I did it. I’m super excited to reveal my next experiment tomorrow!!

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