Third Experiment: A month of Yoga

My dream future life.

My dream future life.

Ok, It’s already six days into March so I better come up with something or else experiment three will slip away into the abyss. I really feel like I’m just hitting my stride with my month of business development. I’m glad I went into overtime and tacked on a non-existent week five to that experiment. I now have a pretty clear plan of where to take my business which makes me want to extend my month into March and keep going.

At the same time, my biggest realization over this month is that my job can not be sorted through in one month of business, rather, it’s a lifetime or chipping away at goals and tasks. It needs to be incorporated into my weekly schedule and addressed frequently if I want to keep moving forward in my career. So I will let the experiment wrap and keep the lessons and tasks running behind the scenes.

So what to do now?! Well as I was road tripping back from Marfa with my a 44 oz Dr. Pepper in my cup holder and a gas station bean and cheese taco in my lap, and my mind jumping from one idea to the next in it’s usual chaotic fashion, I realized I’ve gotten so deep into my head about business that I started treating my body like trash can. You can ask my airbnb roommate Rose, I was literally eating sour punch straws at 1 am at the retreat. She was mostly amused and only slightly disgusted.

Anywho, my body is a temple, my mind should be trained and all that spiritual jazz. Easy solution, yoga.

The Experiment: A month of following the 8 limbs of yoga. To be real honest, I’m not so educated on the limbs of yoga. I just know that yoga goes way beyond the postures and I want to incorporate those other elements.

The Rules: I will go to a yoga class 2-3 times a week (asana). I will meditate 20 minutes a day (Dhyāna and Pratyāhāra). I will be nice to myself and others (Yamas). I will not treat my body like a trash can and eat vegetables and such (Niyamas). I know to real yogis this is a very watered down version of yoga but this is where I’m at. Yoga for tweens!

The Reason: I love yoga! I love how I feel afterwards. I think it’s so good for the mind, body, and spirit. Also, my body feels gross. Hoping this will help!