Final Thoughts on Music Month

Some of the instruments played in the music workshop I attended!

Some of the instruments played in the music workshop I attended!

I have been having a strong aversion with screens lately and social media. I actually deleted instagram from my phone for half the month which isn’t conducive to 12 experiments. I feel bad about my infrequent documenting of my month of music, but otherwise I am feeling great about all of my accomplishments this month with my little fiddle. I went to multiple song circles, practiced every single day, played along with musician friends and ended the month attending a weekend long music workshop!

Besides the fact that I could have posted more videos, I feel really good about this month’s experiment.

The Good:

  • I’m learning how to play along with others! I’m starting to see where I can put in my little diddles or long drones in the silence in between lines. I still have sooo much more to learn but it’s great to see my progress.

  • I’m proud of myself to sticking to a difficult instrument and actively engaging with it for over a year. As you might guess with someone who likes to start a new experiment every single month, I’m not the best at sticking to things long term.

  • I’ve gotten lessons from multiple teachers this month. I learned how to broaden my repertoire by learning more of the various scales, learned how to use my diaphragm better for singing, and how to “add” to the music instead of drown the song.

  • I love having a creative outlet besides photography. I have no business pressure added to it. I have no real goal, no expectations. It just sparks joy!

The Bad:

  • Sometimes I get discouraged by how bad I still am after one year and how much more I still have to learn. I feel like I won’t be learning vibrato for another four years. The good news is, this instrument never bores me!

  • There’s alot of newbie shame and ego bruises that comes with playing an instrument in front of people. Like feeling too nervous and making lots of mistakes or feeling too confident and playing too much. There’s a balance and it’s all a learning process.

  • I feel like I’ve hit a ceiling with the current tricks I have. I’ve learned how to play to most songs by ear but I can only play a few notes to each song and I’m not able to play fast yet. It’s time to get back to drills and new techniques. I’ve been a little lazy lately and leaning on my old tricks but I’m ready to take it the next level.

I think besides my month of style, this one was my fave! Next month I’m off to my honeymoon so its gonna be a month of love, travel, and BREAK! I’m allowing myself the no screen time I’m craving and enjoying the moment on my honeymoon. I’ll be back for experiment 7 in July!