Experiment Seven: Month of Money (Reboot)

Our 1000th fabulous meal out in Amsterdam

Our 1000th fabulous meal out in Amsterdam

My husband Jose and I just got back from the most extravagant honeymoon in Europe. We flew to Greece, Paris, and Amsterdam and fully indulged in all the cheese, wine, and designer clothes. It was incredible. It was also tres expensive.

I seem to have pretty extreme cycles with spending and savings. It almost seems to alternate every other year. Last year was a great savings year, this year…not so much. I did my first experiment with money, exactly three years ago. At that point in my life, I had gotten myself out of tons of debt so I was very proud of myself for that achievement but I was still living paycheck to paycheck. Then, my first round of 12 Experiments inspired me to focus on a month of budgeting, and honestly that one experiment sort of overhauled my finances for years to come. I learned how to live on a budget for the first time in my life and I cut out so much unnecessary spending. I started dating Jose soon after that and I got him on my financial plan. That first year we were together, we saved so much money and I was proud of our achievement as a new couple.

Greek Island, Milos!

Greek Island, Milos!

Over the last three years, our net worth grew steadily and then in the last six months or so…we’ve started slacking. It takes effort to keep the momentum going and we just felt like eating sushi and buying things!

We had so much fun during our honeymoon but after Jose went on a pure shopping bender and I inhaled 100 pan au chocolates, we both hit a wall. The indulgence is only fun in increments as a reward for hard work. We were acting more like lab rats given unlimited cocaine. We didn’t know how to stop ourselves…


The Experiment: For the month of July, Jose and I will both be doing a month “no spend” or “low spend”.

The Rules: We’re going to be mindful of our spendings. No going out to eat. No shopping. We’re getting back on a budget and going over our spendings together. I’m making my one exception barton springs because it’s July in Texas.

The Reason: It feels good to splurge every now and then but it feels even better to be in control of our finances. Plus I want to save again so I can take more trips in the future. :)

I’m not gonna lie, I feel like an addict in rehab eating at home since the honeymoon. Wish us luck!

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