Day 4: Frugal 4th of July!

Free lap swim for exercise at neighborhood pool!

Free lap swim for exercise at neighborhood pool!

Ok I’m only a few days in but this experiment is working! I won’t say we haven’t spent any money but we have spent much less than we would have had we not been actively thinking of reeling it in. We definitely have spent much less than we were in Europe two weeks ago.

Yesterday was the 4th and we managed to get by only spending ten bucks total! 2 entries to Barton Springs. Worth it!

I’ve spent this year with my head in the sand when it comes to finances. I was doing so well… and then I just started slipping. I’m a natural spender so if I’m not proactively thinking of not spending, I will swipe away!

I’ve been reading a ton of blogs about personal finance and being Frugal. I’ve had mixed feelings about the whole thing. On the one hand, it feels really really good to get my priorities in order. On the other hand, I get a little worried about these bloggers agonizing over the cost of toothpaste at Costco vs Trader Joes. I find myself thinking like them this week, and then I come to the conclusion that I don’t really want to live like that. I want to think about better things. I dunno..

Are you a natural spender or saver?

Day 1-4 Spendings:

-July 1-
Gas $23

-July 2-
Tea $4 - Daily coffeeshop hang is integral to my sanity as an extrovert!
Bike fix $18 - Jose can commute to work by bike!
Groceries $65
Violin lesson $25

-July 3 -
Jose Gym Membership $81 - Jose hasn’t been to the gym in months and I’m trying to keep my mouth shut about cancelling his membership but I’m failing at it. As in I remind him of this horrific frugal fail everyday this month…sorry Jose!
Tea $4

- July 4 -
Barton Springs for 2 $10

Total: $230