Day 11: Thinking in Abundance

This experiment could have gone one of two ways. I could have decided to be whole-foods, plant based for a month and white knuckled my way through it because I was so sad to be missing out on all my favorite foods. I could have cried silent tears when someone invited me out to Korean BBQ or see cheese missing in my refrigerator drawers. Or I could throw my old paradigm of food out the window and start from scratch. I could discover incredible food blogs and start using spices and specialty veggies that I had no idea could be combined together to create such wonderful flavors. It honestly could have been a coin toss on which way this experiment could have landed but luckily, it’s evolved into the latter scenario for me. I love this experiment. I love cooking and eating this way.


  1. The whole foods part is a very important rule in this experiment. Or else I would have eaten impossible burgers with fake cheese and fries everyday. I love being forced to cut out processed foods and try a little hard to prepare something nutritious.

  2. I’m eating such a variety of foods! My dinners are waaaay more interesting than before when I was literally pulling off pieces of a store bought rotisserie chicken and throwing it with cheese on a flour tortilla. I know, I needed an intervention…

  3. I’m discovering how to cook in a whole new way that feels very easy and sustainable. The initial inertia of cooking real food always got in the way of making a healthy dinner. Now, I just force myself to start cooking and honestly most meals take 20 minutes. I should set a timer because I swear everything takes 20 minutes. The hours are only wasted just torturing yourself about the thing you need to do.

  4. I’ve been waking up earlier with more energy in the mornings because I’m not knocked out by a sugar crash or heavy foods.

  5. I’ve lost weight.

Need I say more? This is such a good experiment!