Day 24: I Blame it on New York


I was doing so well. Roasting veggies, making salads and fiber rich soups. I was feeling so smug as I drank my chia seed and spinach infused breakfast smoothies with a dash of ashwagandha powder. (WTF is ashwagandha anyway?) Then I went to New York City. The city that sucks all my morals and wellness consciousness out the window 100 percent of the time that I visit. Even with my experiment as an excuse this time, the city proved to be no different. Who can resist dim sum in Chinatown or creamy pasta with wine in an old school Brooklyn Italian bistro? No one! And if you can resist, you’re not living. At least those are things I tell myself to rationalize any and all of my indulgent behaviors.

Past Sarah was well aware that future Sarah would cheat in NY so I gave myself a free pass for the weekend. The problem is now that I’ve tasted sin, I mean butter, I’m not ready to go back to my healthy ways. I’m forcing myself to do it but all I really want is a cheesburger with a side of tequilla. Is that too much to ask?