Experiment Nine: A Month of Vegetables

I can't believe these experiments are still trucking along. I could have created a baby in this amount time but I'm still crawling towards the finish line of this project. I have momentum on this one though!

When I was at my 10-day silent meditation retreat last week, I really observed my eating habits. The whole thing is so boring that the most exciting event is mealtime. Everyday, I would pile my plate high with everything in the buffet line. When I was finished eating, I noticed only the fruits and vegetables were left on my plate. The chocolate cake and lasagna, nowhere to be found. I don't know if I'm soul age five or what but I seem to have skipped nutrition class in middle school. So I'm going plant-based whole foods this month! That means I will have to eat my fruits and veg or I'll starve to death. Any healthy vegans out there? All tips are appreciated!

The Experiment: I’m going vegan y’all!

The Rules: For the month of September, I’m vegan. Not just vegan, a healthy vegan! I don’t want to replace my cheesburgers and fries for for soy burgers and fries. So that’s why I’m adding the “whole foods” part to my diet. I just want to eat real healthy. I’m also giving myself a time out when I’m in New York from Sept. 12-16. I’m going to a wedding and meeting all of my foodie friends and I really don’t want to say no to dim sum. I’m going to try and be vegan there but if I slip, it’s fine.

The Reason: The whole foods part is because I want to eat healthier. The plant based part is because I do want to cut back on eating meat and dairy for the obvious reasons. I always say I’ll cut back but with no defined parameters, I end up just eating it all the time anyway. I like the idea of a cleanse so that it forces me to shop and order in this way and come up with new habits and recipes to follow.

I have to admit I’ve been on the down and out with my experiments lately but I’m liking this one. It’s something I’ve wanted to try out for years and I don’t have a thanksgiving turkey or a Christmas roast looming over my head this month. I think I can actually do it!