Final Thoughts: Month of Money

Alright confession. I’m writing this post laaateee. I sort of got overwhelmed by the idea of writing blog posts and just posted my progress on instagram. But I’m making up for it now!

The best frugal activity in July!

The best frugal activity in July!

I really really love doing money experiments. Sometimes I think about embarking on a year long money journey and documenting it, maybe 2020?

The Good: I loved this experiment for a million reasons but mostly it was just good to pump the breaks on our spendings after our extravagant honeymoon. We were mindlessly buying anything and everything and I liked hitting the pause button to stop ourselves from taking out a loan and trying to buy a small island.

I also discovered so many good ways to socialize and have fun without spending (much) money. I spent the month swimming at the springs and grilling at friend’s houses. It was actually such a relief to realize I can have so much fun without having to buy things all the time.

The Bad: I mean, wouldn’t we rather just buy whatever we want? It was difficult to see how much my fingers pulled up and tried to order things. The temptation to buy things are everywhere. Every little experiment feels like a reason to buy more things and it feels good to have new shiny things all the time!

The other downside of being a frugal Francine is that I felt like a cheapo a couple of times out with friends. I was on a mission not to dine out so I would meet my friends for lunch and order one drink. I guess it’s fine but I wanted to celebrate and dine with them and I didn’t like that feeling. On the one hand, I think it’s good to not succumb to other people’s wants all the time, on the other, don’t be a cheapo. Still figuring that one out.

All in all, I love “no spend” months. Ideally, I would want to implement them with my husband maybe twice a year. January and July? It seems like a productive break for natural spenders like us!