Day 8: Basic Pitches

So wait, what do I do on third base? 

Ok, as an outfielder, where do I throw the ball once I catch it? 

How many strikes before I'm out?! 

Three down and what? 

These are all things I could have googled before the game if I didn't ban myself from the internet. Sorry team! 

Even if I caught up on all the rules, I still might be the worst lefty softball player in beginners league history. I only joined thanks to my previous "yes" experiment and now the ladies of Basic Pitches are stuck with me for another six weeks. If this experiment is about facing fears, then this silly sport's team might be on of my biggest achievements. 

This is a big secret of mine. When I was in elementary (ok possibly up to middle) school I used to go to the nurses office during softball PE because I was terrified of the sport. I don't know how many times I had to fake a headache. I was a good actor but I wasn't fooling anyone. Thank god all that performance art lead me to a creative career or who knows what drug den I could be lying around in today.

It's funny how childhood fears can still have a grip on you. During our practice, I got so nervous I literally ran the opposite direction from the ball for fear it would hit my face. I thought about purchasing a football helmet to avoid a nose job. I came up with a million excuses to drop out but if there's anything I learned so far this year, it's that I should really try to stick to my commitments. I was stuck and I'm really glad I stayed. We play our first game this week and got murdered 11-0 by a very coed not-so beginners team. I didn't catch a single ball in the air, I didn't land a base, I struck out every time. But I stood out there sans football helmet and left with my face still intact. I'll take it.