Day 29: Curly Girl Method

Gel, conditioner, air dry.

Gel, conditioner, air dry.

Today I want to talk about curly hair. Since I don’t have the budget or energy to completely overhaul my wardrobe this month, I’ve used my spare time to work on my hair to help me stick to this experiment. Honestly isn’t good hair and good hygiene like 75% of great style? If you have curly hair, keep reading.

My hair is something I’ve struggled with all of my life and it seems like I’m finnaaaally figuring it out in my 30s. Growing up in the land of sleek black hair called Japan, I was an anomaly with my half Japanese curly hair. I was so jealous of all of my friends who had straight black hair. I would get straight perms and stay up so late into the night blow drying and flat ironing my hair straight. Isn’t it crazy how we all just want what we don’t have? WOMEN BE SHOPPIN.

After many years of torching my hair, I entered a phase of life where I finally started to appreciate my curls but didn’t know how to care for it. This phase involved tons of products, curling irons, and diffusors. It still felt a little too high maintenance so I eventually got sick of it and would just let my hair do whatever aka look homeless. I’m still 50% in that phase, but I have now started my hair’s transition to the final phase of my hair evolution: The Curly Girl Method.

pre-curly girl method!

pre-curly girl method!

The curly girl method is what happens when your wavy, frizzy, crazy hair reaches enlightenment. You don’t have to sell your soul or send your hair to an ashram for a decade. It literally happens after watching a few youtube videos and following their instructions. It’s so easy. How did it take so long for me to discover this!?

Curly Hair Method Rules

  1. Stop torching your hair with heat. No more hot blowdryers. No more straighteners. No more flat irons. Blow dry on low with cool setting only.

  2. No more chemicals that dry out your hair. You have to shop for products without silicones and parabans. Curly hair is extra sensitive and doesn’t like chemicals. Here are some approved products.

  3. Only use conditioner. That’s right, drop the shampoo and go straight to the conditioner. Shampoo dries out your hair and curly hair needs lots of moisture.

  4. When your hair is dripping wet, get a bunch of gel in your hands 80s style and slather your hair in gel. Flip your hair over and scrunch with wet hands.

  5. Wrap your hair in a microfiber towel or an oversized t-shirt. Regular bath towels makes hair frizzy. After 20 minutes, let your hair out of the towel. Then leave it alone and let it dry.

  6. When it’s about 80% dry, and your hair is as hard as rocks and you look like you’re about to be an extra in a Molly Ringwald film, flip your hair and “scrunch out the crunch”. That’s how your hair evolves past the 80s look!

  7. Your hair is now gorgeous and you will get lots of compliments. You’re welcome.

Wow, I really feel like I did my part to contribute to society by writing this article. Seriously though. I now only use two products, conditioner and gel and most of the time I air dry because I’m lazy. If you hate your curly hair or are tired of blowing your hair out every 3 days, try this out. It’s a miracle!