Day 10: Marie Kondo of Money

Making lunch at home with chef extraordinaire, Casey!

Making lunch at home with chef extraordinaire, Casey!

This month, I’ve turned into the Marie Kondo of Money. I am symbolically picking up aspects of my financial life one by one and seeing if it “sparks joy”. The financial decluttering is both thrilling and anxiety inducing.

Here are a few changes I’ve made:

  1. I came to the conclusion that I hate my business checkings account. They got rid of mobile deposits (what?) and it doesn’t sync up to any of my budgeting apps. I’m switching over to a credit union this week.

  2. Some thingst hat do spark joy but takes effort is signing up for life insurance for me and Jose. One of those adulting tasks I’ve had on my to do list for months but have procrastinated on. I finally applied yesterday! Here’s a great resource for life insurance if you’re interested.

  3. Jose and I looked over our phone bill and realized we could probably save about $1,000 a year if we switched over to Mint Mobile. Haven’t pulled the trigger yet but its on my to do list.

  4. We are so bad with overspending on food! I think that’s where most people blow their budget. We basically go to fancy grocery stores and throw whatever we want in the basket. Then get too lazy to cook and go out to eat. That’s only a slight exaggeration from reality. So this month I’ve really reigned it in with buying only what I need and cooking all my meals at home. It feels really good!

This experience is overall really good. The month of money I did 3 years ago had affects that went on for years. I would love to do an overhaul like this annually.

On the downside, it’s annoying to think about not spending all the time and also it’s a little hard on the relationship to sit down and talk budgets and money. There’s been some tension but we both know it’s good to do it. Oh to be a grown up.

Casey’s Hot Tip: Buy in bulk! Shop at farmers markets weekly and stay away from processed/overpriced foods. Limit eating out to once a week and split meals.

Spendings July 5 - 9
-July 5 -
Tea $4
Topo $3
-July 6-
tea $4
- July 7 -
Pool $5
Farmers market $28
Spotify $10
Bus $1.25
Dinner Out $21

-July 8-
Tea $4
Pastries $6
Groceries $68

-July 9-
Violin $25
Groceries $15
Groceries $105

Total Spendings in July: $533