Experiment 1: Final Thoughts

I flew at ifly!

I flew at ifly!

I did it! I said "yes" to (mostly) everything. It was sometimes exhausting and I often felt overly indulgent playing around town every evening. But, I would say overall the experiment was really good for me. 

Let me break it down. 

The good: 

  • I learned how to schedule events and stick to them. I'm sure this is a simple task for most people but I DO NOT like to plan things and I also love switching plans at the last minute. This was not only good in becoming a more reliable human but I saw how much mental gymnastics I have to endure to constantly keep my options open. 
  • I could see that my initial reaction to everything is never direct. I never say "sure, what time? I'll be there." I'm more likely to say "Oh, interesting, sounds good, maybe?" It's a habit but I see how that's annoying for me and others.
  • I have come to love escaping decision fatigue and knowing that I always had to oblige to whatever came my way. 
  • I discovered so many parts of Austin that I never engage in i.e. ifly, boxing class, orgasmic meditation etc. 
  • I reconnected with old friends I haven't seen in a long time due to our busy schedules and made deeper connections with new friends.
  • I'm more open to putting myself out there and taking risks. 

The bad: 

  • There were some instances where I already committed to one thing but preferred going to another thing that came up later. This was both good and bad because it taught me not be a selfish bia and accept that whatever I committed to is fine. 
  • Sometimes I would find myself hiding in my house hoping no one would text me and therefore I wouldn't initiate contacting my friends for fear they would invite me to something. 
  • I also noticed that some friends did not want to impose on me so they would never outright ask me to attend things this month.
  • I spent way too much money going out, but it was fun and tasty ;)
  • My body is disgusted with me and my brain is exhausted. 
  • I said No (gasp) a few times. My last week of yesing around was so jam packed that I reached my limit. I said No to drinking on Sunday night and I was fine with it. I also said no to pizza once. My friend immediately called me out on it. Another friend passed me weed in California and I said "no thanks." He called me out on it but I mean, I can say no to drugs right? ;) 

The biggest lesson I learned is that I actually love going out and doing new things. I'm even ok with being forced to do things I don't really feel like doing. The problem with my hibernation is not introversion but rather, I've come to realize that I am a full blown information addict. I'm so addicted to consuming content that I rather stare at a screen for hours at a time instead of engaging with the world. How sad?! Sad, but common. I'm glancing around the room as I'm typing this in a coffee shop and literally everyone here is on their laptop or iphone. The guy next to me straight up brought a monitor, a mouse, and giant headphones with him. WTF is wrong with all of us ;)? This, I will explore in March, Experiment #2!