Final Thoughts on Month of Style


Even though I’m sitting here in my yoga clothes today with no ambition to change into real clothes, my month of style is coming along! I think I was ambitious when I thought I would have a full capsule wardrobe at the end of the month but my closet has definitely gotten a much needed upgraded and I’m really starting to hone in on my aesthetic which feels really good.

I think because of my minimalist tendencies I tend to buy “safe” items of neutral clothing that mix and match with anything. While I think that does suit my casual nature, I’ve discovered this month that I want to be more bold and add more color to my life. I don’t need to strut around in full drag or anything but a pair of heels or louder accessories does a lot to boost my mood! I JUST WANT TO BE FABULOUS.

What I learned this month.

The Good:

  • I realized that I didn’t want to dress too nice, or dress up “too much” because it made me feel uncomfortable to be noticed. After a few days of wearing heels to a coffeeshop, I completely got over it and now I love strutting around to the most casual of places. It makes me happy to dress up for no reason other than to dress up!

  • I spend so much of my time thinking about how to feel good from the inside out ( re: month of yoga ) but sometimes it’s easier and more fun to feel good from the outside in. It’s interesting how a special armor of clothing makes you feel like you have super powers.

  • Just like with cooking, a hobby like fashion is such a creative outlet when you can get into it. When you look at it like it’s a chore, that’s what it becomes.

  • I’m really good at buying secondhand! Thank you poshmark and Buffalo Exchange.


The Bad:

  • I think as much as I loved this experiment, I still lean towards not caring about clothes all that much. It’s easy for me to get lazy and throw on whatever is comfortable, but hopefully this experiment will keep me moving in the direction of having a fabulous wardrobe.

  • Caring about how you look costs money and endless hours hunting on the internet.

  • I had grand plans to buy new makeup, cut my hair and have an entirely spring wardrobe. Instead. I bought a few blouses, 2 pairs of shoes, and some underwear. That’s still a big upgrade for me!

This might be my favorite experiment so far! So simple yet felt so good. I highly recommend a wardrobe overhaul experiment!

Want to start your own or already doing your own experiments with me? I made a ginormous list of 100 experiment ideas here!