Experiment Five: A Month of Music

I am one year into playing the violin/fiddle and let me tell you something. I LOVE IT! I suck so bad, I’ve barely graduated past twinkle twinkle little star and I very often wonder why I picked one of the world’s most difficult instruments to learn as a grown up person, but overall, learning the violin sparks SO MUCH JOY.

I’ve talked to so many people who played the violin when they were little and most people talk about it with mild to average levels of PTSD. The hours of practicing and discipline sucked all of the fun out of learning and as an adult, they no longer want to touch the instrument. Most of my friends are genuinely surprised that I’m attempting this particular instrument in my 30s, but the truth is, I didn’t choose it, it chose me. Corny but true!

Last year at my annual silent meditation retreat, I had the epiphany that I was supposed to play the violin. For days, I just heard instrumental music playing in my head. As the days grew on and my mind grew even more insane/clear after days of intense meditating, the music playing in my head morphed into only orchestral string instruments. By the final days, there was just a lone violin playing in my head. I had the most intense knowing that I had to play the violin. As someone who’s so indecisive that they have to create 12 experiments a year, it was truly a miracle for once to REALLY know I wanted to do something.

After I got out of the retreat I called my dad and told him about the news. “Dad! I want to play the violin!” He said, “Oh when you were really little, you begged your mom to play the violin but she wanted you to play the piano.” I was shocked to hear this news for the first time. I had no recollection of ever wanting to play the violin when I was little. I only remember hating the piano when I and eventually quit in an act of rebellion. It was so comforting to hear that I always wanted to play the violin.

The last year of learning has been full of ups and downs. A whole lot of frustration with being so bad and lots of pure bliss in (slooooowly) learning how to play something so beautiful.

So I reckon it’s time to devote this to an experiment.

The Experiment: For the month of May, I’m making music and playing the violin!

The Rules: I’m unfortunately traveling a bit and my teacher is unfortunately out of town as well but when I’m at home, I’m going to play the violin as much as possible. I also want to play along with other musicians. Holler if you want to play!

The Reason: Music is everything!

Can you tell I’m excited about this one?

I’ll be posting videos on my instagram stories. I made a special instagram just for 12 Experiments so make sure to follow along.