Second Experiment: Information Detox

"Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm an information addict." 

"Hi Sarah" 

For the month of March, I've decided to check myself into a self-made rehab for content junkies. 

Let me reveal the depth of my addiction. 

  • I currently have at least three books sitting on my bed. I do not bother to move them to make my bed, I just hop back in every evening and continue where I left off.  
  • I have two or three audiobooks from the library strewn about in my car.
  • If I'm traveling for longer than four minutes in my car, I have to que up a podcast. I'm subscribed to at least a dozen of them. 
  • I check FB and E-mail a million times a day, I get nothing out of it, the act of opening up a new tab and entering "gmail" is so habitual that I'm starting to wonder if I have alien hands syndrome.
  • I fall into a youtube black hole on a daily basis.
  • I have at least eight tabs up on my web browser at any given time. 
  • I won't even get into my iphone. 

I need an intervention!!!! 

Thankfully, (or sadly) I'm not alone. It's called Infomania

The oxford dictionary defines it as the compulsive desire to check or accumulate news and information typically via mobile phone or computer.

WNYC is currently covering this topic and have come up with a curriculum to get people out of infomania.

They designed the course after talking with neuroscientists, social psychologists, anthropologists, and software designers and discovered that the average American adult now consumes 12 hours of media a day! On top of that, more information doesn't necessarily make us better informed and only half of the information we take in gets used or stored meaningfully. 

If you are having FOMO on content,  you're not alone, you are simply a contemporary modern digital junkie.

"We see that very very often among people who live in urban areas in bigger cities, they are starving for information because they feel that that level of information will make them better informed, by keeping up with friends and family. We want to  be educated, but in fact we are just over indulging in information that's not actually being stored and contribute to their general knowledge"  

That's definitely me! Time to get this infomania in check. 

The Experiment: A full blown information detox for the month of March.

The Rules: Bye Bye podcasts, audiobooks, TV, articles, apps, social media (unless I'm posting about this). I'm going cold turkey! I am allowed to be online only for work or this project. Other than that I can listen to music and I am allowed to read just one book for the month. 

The Reason: To consume less. To create more. In continuation of experiment #1, I want to engage with the world rather than hide behind a screen.  

This is going to be a tough one. Wish me luck!