Day 23: Spring to Summer

  1. I’ve been sick the past couple of days so I no longer care about style and only care about Netflix binging. I highly recommend Rilakkuma and Kaoru.

  2. I keep forgetting to take pictures of my outfits! I would make the worst influencer.

  3. I’m buying so many incredible blouses with long sleeves and pants and I’m recognizing my intense denial of summer being right around the corner. In about 2 days I’ll only be able to wear cut off jeans shorts and a sports bra. For now, I love my outfits.

  4. They say people don’t change but I wear heels now. There’s hope for everyone!

  5. I vow to start taking pictures for the rest of this month here.

  6. It’s so much easier to write a blog post in list form.