Fourth Experiment: A Month of Style

Shopping at Buffalo!

Shopping at Buffalo!

I waited till the 2nd of April to post this so I could let our April Fool’s joke of a “Month of Porn” run it’s course on Facebook! hehe.

I made an announcement to the FB group that I wanted to do a month of no complaining in April and got my husband on board to join. I might have gotten other folks to join as well. Well in true Sarah fashion, (pun intended) I changed my mind a few days ago and decided to do a month of style.

I know I shoulddddd complain less and I really want to try it later in the year but this month, I just want to have fun and have an experiment that’s easy and lighthearted. The truth is, I want to look good and complain more! I’m kidding. Except I do want to look good…

The Experiment: I’m spending the month April having fun with fashion!

The Rules: I want to keep the tradition of my first experiment going by picking out my outfit the night before. If I don’t, I’ll frantically put on whatever in the morning.

I’m making this experiment fun by allowing myself to shop for fun outfits that spark joy!

Take a little more risk in fashion. Spend more time thinking about clothes.

The Reason: The first three experiments have been incredible but it’s been alot about discipline and work. I want to have fun!

I’ll be posting my outfits on Instagram everyday!